Questions & Participation

You have questions for the debaters of an important experience to share? We want to hear from you and include your perspectives and challenges into the debate - find out how on this page!

The conveners team is dedicated to support a lively and interactive debate but also a detailed exchange on topics following up on the event. Therefore, this page introduces the different means that were prepared to include your questions and interests.

Before the debate

You can send in your questions for the debate via this simple form:

During the debate

The event will be hosted using the Zoom platform. We will use the Q&A features to identify the most interesting topics. Please do not use the chat to post questions to the panelists.

In case Zoom is not possible for you to attend, a live stream without login will be available on the EGU website of the event. That page also has a chat which we will try monitor. However, since the live stream will have a considerable delay, the interaction won't be as smooth. Thanks for your understanding, and please consider using the question form (above) and the discussion forum (below) to discuss your topics of interest.

After the debate

Join the discussion at the GitHub-based discussion forum (requires GitHub account):

Watch the Debate

To watch the debate, register for vEGU21. Direkt links to the Zoom webinar as well as the live stream will be available on the session page after login on the vEGU website.

The Data Help Desk at the 2021 EGU General Assembly is a 1000% free program of ESIP, EGU, and AGU. It will connect researchers with 250 data and software experts to enhance research and make data and software more open and FAIR. Ask your question on Twitter or via this form and view short tutorials and demos on the website: